Mar 28, 2011

4.3. Dr. Lucky and swami's MotelBand

bandages on her wrist and a gleam in her eye

green sparkles
life in the eyeballs

her red bandages
bounced against the green eyes
like some rothko painting
or a cruel roarshark test
(sic intentional)

we shared a bench under a grey november thick jersey sky
some rain spit on us
like a rude slap from god to be
more than gloopy

she laughed from her pussy
and her belly
deep and robust
id centered
no watch dog
to her yoni belly laugh

"I was dead for a minute
and even there
there was no peace"

and then she laughed some more
the sky opened up
thats such a stupid line
the rain came down
like opened co-rotted arteries
(sic once again intentional)

"one feels guilty getting out of the rain
with scars on one's wrist"

thats a good line i said
i should use it in a poem

three weeks later
she died
complications from the flu


he had five darlyn loves at the time
she had four norma jeans
but we were holding onto three juliette lewis
somehow we all were very wrong
when it came to money

music was aural fodder
dance had become nothing but
and broadway
was mickey mouse

nobody was being good with the money thing

so went to the bowery
and saw bingo gazingo

i caught him from konking his head
it beats cats

you o picked a fine day to quit drinking mr jimi

" i wish when i was young my old man hade not been gone".....................

suddenly his voice comes out of your mouth
the gene he had stops your heart too
and the moon is full
full as
the talking heads
are full of shit that sends poor kids to murder
other poor kids in the arabian desert

and one more sleepless decade

i am a man like most other men
i have made every mistake every other man has made
for the same reasons
stupid reasons rising out of gland wars
and testostorian sting ray five speed donuts

ive lied i cheated
used abused
stole debauched betrayed
and treated love as if
it were
nothing more than a wrapper
to hold the great me for a second
and those who gave that to me
were discarded like an extraneous receipt

and ill miss sleep for days

and words will flow
that have been lost for months

"and i wish when i was young my old man had not been gone"

there is an electrical current
that swims to my "co rotted arteries"
it reminds me
a full moon could be the last
it is a gentle knock that tells me
my ride is here"

and i wish when i was young my old man had not been gone"
just like my son does


r i p bo diddley
he was a poet extraordinaire
ill post lyrics later

About: The good doctor was born and raised in the suburbs .After a brief degeneration at university life, an ashram and debauchery and military life ,the doctor returned to hiding in the suburbs and blending into the wallpaper. The wallpaper had hunting scenes with dogs , foxes and riders. This is where the doctor currently resides.

For a second he delved into the music world where he was fortunate enough to have met and played with stellar musicians.

The doctor is currently working on his novel-movie script the "Jabberwocky Chronicles ." He endorses victory gardens and believes beets are good for the blood and all people should have and use a Jack Lalane juicer. The doctor credits Howlin Wolf,Tom Waits, e.e.cummings and Charles Bukowski as influences as well frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart.

As all great beauty champions the doctor's only wish is for world peace.

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