Jan 19, 2011

2.3. Gretyl Grimm: The Sixes

what my mommy told me...

1. give it up. it'll come back.

2. leave them be. they'll miss you.

3. you can't save everyone. but everyone has at least one person
they will not stop trying for.

4. sometimes you have to get mad.

5. sometimes, when you're home alone, lock the doors...
and turn off the phone.

6. write it down

what my daddy told me...

1. if you aren't first on his mind...

2. if he ever disappears on purpose so you can't find him...

3. if he ever puts a habit or hobby before your needs...

4. if he takes care of himself better than he takes care of you...

5. if he doesn't have the balls to admit to you when he's scared (bored, lonely,
in need of something or genuinely angsty)....

6. if he isn't willing to stop something you don't like or start something you do
just because you ask...

you don't need him, babe. he doesn't deserve you.

these six things are true

1. bite me.

2. i'm. fucking. bored.

3. i don't feel a thing. (except boredom) that should probably bother me. but it doesn't. because i don't feel a thing.

4. wait. i do feel something. i'm thirsty.

5. i want to throw a cue ball as hard and fast as i possibly can. at an empty car.

6. popcorn is ready.

things i never thought i'd have reason to say

1. fine. If you need the potholder on your head to sleep, go for it 2. why is there a rubber mouse in my pocket & where is my glove 3. somebody plugged in the octopus 4. why'd you eat an apple in the bathtub 5. quit your job & the couch dies

the 6th of the sixes

1. if i were locked in a room 2. with my 6 favorite people 3. all arguing over ownership of me 4. my heart would belong to the wink & the grin 5. who unlocked the door and said 6. run

yep. 6 of them.

1. dude, i will hurt you 2. the baby just said heddo into a toy telephone 3. my mother & my daughter will never understand each other 4. i want cookies. now. 5. i'm okay. today. maybe. 6. i made a birthday card for the recycling truck guy.

6 the hard way

1. food disgusts me 2. ima do the damn thing 3. almost walked out of work today. If i had i'd be in st. louis by now 4. i'm in love with carl sandburg 5. i hate vacationers 6. you should buy me something pretty cuz you're an asshole.

today's 6

1. at least i understand my own stupid head 2. i stood inside the belly of a giant money sucking birthday monster today 3. some people will never like children & i don't like them 4. you suck 5. you really suck 6. the baby called me a butterfly

6 true things for today

1. i miss my sister.

2. i want to run.

3. i don't care if i ever sleep again.

4. i don't remember the last time i ate.

5. i just noticed these all begin with i.

6. i have an urge to wander through cemeteries. today. right now. bye. i'm going.

6 true things (thank you, amy)

1. i am sad. it is a different kind of sad than i've ever known before. i think i'll be wearing it awhile. 2. somedays silence is the only thing i need. 3. i want a dresser of my very own 4. fuck you 5. blah 6. whatever

Gretyl Grimm lives somewhere in the dark forest with her lover/husband/evil twin brother & three jolly mistresses. Together they produce and can maple syrup and other sweets in the summer & ride the hibernation train in the winter. Her first and only book of fables Ginger Boys and Cinnamon Girls All Taste the Same to Me was published by FuckOffPress in 2002. It was immediately banned in all High Schools.

Photo by: Kellelynne H. Riley


  1. I love love love the 6's. Its funny, its deep, the words are wonderful - perfectly chosen. Its great.

  2. List format works with the humor. Nice