Mar 4, 2011

3.6. Travis Macdonald: 5 poems

If Coleridge Could See Us Now

Later in the night, not long
after the clowns left

offended, we were
all talking

about the albatross
of our avant-garde

but you kept going
on and on about Kubla Kahn…

Dialogue is Difficult

"Tennis without rackets
looks kinda like catch.

She told me twice over
green martinis. And I agreed again

not because she was right
but because my beer was

warm or empty or
maybe it was scotch..."

The Circus

Knowing that if
it came to fisticuffs

the ape could take me
apart like cardboard

I ran and hid behind the mime
whose so-called wall

didn't help

The Bachelor

I had a dream I held
the World

Record for single longest
nipple hair.

Everyone wanted me
for their parties and bar mitzvahs.

but you.

Hormones in Milk Make Life Hard for Pedophiles

She says she wants me
to love her

like they do
in the movies

and for a moment
I think she means

I should pretend, but then
she brings out the cock-ring.

Travis Macdonald's first book, The O Mission Repo, is available from Fact-Simile Editions ( and his second collection, N7ostradamus was released by BlazeVox books in late 2010. Basho's Phonebook, an e-chap of experimental translations is available at E-ratio. He currently lives, writes and looks for work in Philadelphia.

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