Mar 21, 2011

4.2. Matt McGee, poem


That Saturday morning,
the really interesting part of the story
was buried at the very end.
“49 year-old Mr. Schmidt
was the fourth family member
to pass away in the family residence
in the last five weeks.”

Three days later,
the radio announced:
“Stephen Schmidt, sixteen year-old
computer hacker and amateur chemist,
is being sought as a person
of interest.”

“He’s not guilty,” said Pam the bartender
beside the dumpster that night. “My boyfriend
Todd is an insurance actuary, and he says
the company doesn't have to pay off
whenever there’s even suspicion
of murder. This could go on
for weeks, even

I left the bar that night
and passed the Schmidt house,
the flowers and paper-plate memorials
stuck into the chain link around the ruins.
And, though tempted, I didn't dial the cops
when I saw the slight, teenage boy
with familiar features lean down,
light a candle, then disappear again
into the shadows of the city.

Matt McGee is the editor/publisher of Falling Star Magazine in the Los Angeles area. His recent poetry collection "We Liked You Better When You Was a Whore" is available on Amazon.

art by: chiaroscuro:

“I am best known for being a trouble maker.”

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  1. An intriguing mysteriousness going on here, poem and photo both. A most enjoyable complementation. Enjoyed both