Nov 16, 2011

8.4. Daniel Ridges, 2 spoken word

“She Loves Me Knot”*

She found her way into my bed again
The continuous accident
She was walking; maybe in a cab
Something made her think of me
The neon sign on some Chinese restaurant
Misspelled graffiti
Some wino’s gait
When the sun comes up
(“it’s a different story”)
When the sun comes up
She’s changed
When the Sun comes up

She was never here.

"Epiphany Lite"

I don't normally
like to drop names,
but I was in the back
room of Bohica's Tavern
on Archer Avenue shooting
dice with Jesus.

He leaned in, flicked
his Marlboro Light
towards the bar sink,
and whispered Life
is like a Box of Chocolates

I said
That's where you are
going with this? That's
all you got, Jesus?


It was his roll, and he
rattled the bones next to
his left ear; then, next
to his right. He said

Well, who do you think
put that bug in that Gump
guy's ear?

He proceeded to crap out
four times in a row, which
he later divulged to be a
lesson that would reveal itself
to me in some kind of
future epiphany.

I think he also drunk-dialed
my wife at three ayem.

Photography by Eleanor Leonne Bennett

*Words and melody by Daniel Ridges. Drums and various accents by Uncle Steves. The track will make an appearance on Uncle Steves' up-coming album.


Found myself here after twelve years of trying to convince high school students they should write for a living. Asked to leave the Taliban due to 'creative differences'.

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