Feb 21, 2012

the forgotten sam pink interview

Things have gotten slower. Sorry. Maybe we've gotten pickier. We still read things but like less things. We're still looking for things but will not post things just to post things. We're hibernating I guess you could say, waiting, like that Swedish man lost in the snow. Waiting for things to come to us and say: love me, tie me up, beat me. No, just kidding. To wake us out of our great sad slumber. Then the other day we came upon this fragment (or maybe it is the whole thing) of an interview we did with Sam Pink at some point after having read one of his books. Smiles have frowns too? No. Something about friends. Frowns needs friends too. Maybe. It's on the side there somewhere. It was good (you should read it) so we decided to accidentally run into Sam Pink and ambush-interview him. Then we completely forgot about it. Maybe it was the holidays. Depression. The olympics.. Anyway, as we think this might be a valuable document in the eyes of future small press archaeologists, we will now publish the small fragment. THE FORGOTTEN (AND LOST (BUT FOUND)) SAM PINK INTERVIEW.


writing Good-ass plays different from writing say a Good-ass poem or Good-ass fiction, and, if held at gun-point, which Good-ass form would you go down writing?

SP: it's no different. i wouldn't go down writing anything, i'd say, "shoot me, do it."

K: W.H. Auden liked to start the day early with a Dry Martini, something that was critical to him getting his creative synapses firing. What does a typical Sam Pink breakfast consist of and does it somehow influence your creative process?

SP: i usually just eat whatever i can. and yes, it does influence me because i get weird if i am hungry.

K: We see that you have already done about 17 interviews. That's a whole lot of interviews. We apologize. You must be tired. What makes a good interview? Nevermind, don't answer that. Is there anything that haven't been asked that you would like to ask? We'll do our best to
try to find an answer.

SP: i would like to ask, "why don't i feel peaceful."


Well that's it. Kind of sad really. Oh well? Happy valentine's day!

If you would like to be interviewed by kitchen that probably means that we don't want to interview you so don't write to us at poetkitchen@gmail.com. If you however want to interview someone other than yourself who is interesting you can do that and send us that interview. Thanks.

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