Mar 27, 2012

Craig Shay: two poems

Tea Song

She slips into the futon,
and wraps herself around him,
like a winged creature,
in a nest of grass.

She unhooks her bra,
and throws it over
a lampshade.

It rains all morning,
as she nurses the leaves of his imagination
where blue azaleas grow,
also cherry trees,
and rows of bright purple grape vines.

The thousand or so
ceramic pots in the apartment
begin to overflow –

Blue hydrangeas, plum trees,
orange mums, chicory –
and rows of glowing sunflowers,
bloom steadily
as they dream for hours.

She burns her lips
on the first sip of tea,
and it reminds her
this is not their apartment –
these plants do not belong
to her.

Only he belongs to her,
and they belong with each other –

The cat, which has been hiding all weekend
emerges from a spare bedroom.

Honey Moon

The shadow,
of her body
on the wall,
makes car-bombs
with wild laughter –

We linger,
awash with innate light.
Both of us searching
for what has been vacant
in a thousand human faces –

I am no longer
an empty coffin,
drifting alone
in the middle
of an ocean.

The sound of her breathing
is my favorite music.

Craig Shay is from Long Island, NY.


  1. This poet reminds me of Pulitzer Prize winning Poet Charles Simic..I believe he one of the finest poets in America today..

  2. I love these. I really enjoyed them. Thank you.