Dec 16, 2010

a kitchen writerly

Just a hello how do you do and thank you for stopping by our kitchen. A couple of thoughts :

as relating to the mechanics of how

We will feature imaginative writers (and artists) as they come to our attention. Each featured writer will be spotlighted until the next post is made. Since we like to do things backwards here at kitchen, once three writers have been featured, an editorial of sorts (you know, where we shower your work with praise, using big words like "contemporary", "eclectic" and "zeitgeist") will be written, along with a newsletter that will be sent out. Those three lucky writers will forever be tied together in a miniature issue of Yours Truly, aptly titled and promptly archived.

pertaining then the question of 'what kind of'

What Faulkner said when asked if Bourbon was an essential aid to his writing: "I ain't that particular. Between scotch and nothing, I'll take scotch." Likewise, we here at kitchen persume not to know which recipe preludes good writing. We would like to consider ourselves open to many tastes, and will consider each submission seriously.

It should be noted though that we have decided to focus on shorter writing, poems, flash-fiction and such rather than longer narrative fiction. We like the thought of many small things tangled together. That is not to say that longer fiction does not interest us, but rather that this is a more fitting forum for shorter things. Please do prove us wrong by dazzling us with your longer fiction.

the other things

We are not certain, but we would like to think there are other things. Things like photographs (everyone can take photographs), drawings. Not the professional stuff, necessarily, but more the accidental ones. Your blurred out holiday photos. Your collection of ceramic turtles. Scan your inelligeble handwritten doodles and lists and send them to us. We love the other things. The little things. We love lists. Things that are so easily lost. Those things.

Come to think of it, we would like to try to mix some of these other things in together with the writing. Yes, we think we might try that.

Anyway. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope to see your submissions in the future.

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