Jan 3, 2011

1.3. Leo J. Juarez (aka: docx2): 4 poems

Dear Mr. Clean

I thought I'd leave this note
to thank you one more time.
Your commercials are correct.
The cleanser really did work,
cleaning every speck of blood
from the clothing and knife
used to kill my husband.

The product worked so well
I have been informed
I'm no longer suspect
in my husband’s murder.
You along with Hefty
make the things a girl needs
to correct her mistakes.

The Hefty bag held his weight,
leaked no body fluids,
and won’t fall apart for
at least a thousand years.
Companies such as yours
deserve loyal customers
in times as hard as these.

By the way,
if you are reading this,
happen to be single
and like women with an edge,
please drop me a line.
I too am single now
and looking for my true love.
Money is no concern.

As The Twig Is Bent

“Harder, harder,” the voice screams. “You want more playing time boy, you’re going to have to show me some hustle. Any of those cheerleaders over there can hit harder than that. We’re going to run that play again, and this time take your first step forward—not back. Read and hit boy, read and hit. . . . Get your hands off your hips and get your head up. We’re gonna do this again ‘til we get it right. Then we’re gonna do it some more to keep it right.”

Why can’t I hear you,
voices screaming day and night?
Gardeners bend the twig.

The true gardener
cultivates with ruthlessness.
Leaves and blossoms fall.

Nay saying demons
hover to smother the soul.
Nature takes its course.

And the gardeners now?
Echoes whispering in wind,
the oak snags a moon.

Thoughtless In Seattle

Why should we stop making love?
Your family doesn’t like me
So, I guess we can’t marry.
But why can’t we still make love?

I bought the wine and flowers
and even my favorite beer.
You're not doing anything,
so tell me why we can’t make love.

You say I never listen.
When we’re done, I have a cig,’
get dressed and quietly leave.
I thought I was being polite.

Pick up the phone baby doll.
You’re always home Sunday nights.
I didn’t forget to call,
I was with the guys. Honest!

Shelf Life

The fedora hat
rests in silence on the shelf.
Did it ever speak?

A dusty relic,
condemned to style oblivion,
props consigned to earth.

Remember the days
when it coursed the apogee,
among brim capped stars.


Leo J. Juarez (aka: docx2) retired in 2008 after 43 years of work in education, first teaching in various universities and later serving as a special education administrator. He has a Master's Degree in English, A Master's Degree in Psychology, a Ph.D. in Education, and a Ph.D. in School Psychology. His goal in retirement is not to leave this world until he receives personal "death penalty" counseling from Sarah Palin.

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