Aug 12, 2011

The Lost Dog Project by S.J. Anderson

Lost Dog #38

"Lost Dogs in my community, their portraits made using posters announcing them lost."

Revisit all lost dogs in our July and August 2011 archives. For an overview of all 42 photographs, visit

There is also a 3-minute video on the making of the series at Vimeo,

Why the lost dogs? We don't know. There is something, perhaps, gnawing, in the dogs' very real lostness stripped of place and ownership. If you see these dogs, there is nowhere to call. There is something, perhaps, about what information-overload does to our sense of empathy. We like the gnawing and the lostness and the photography, twice-removed from its subject, somehow more intimate than the original. Hopeful, somehow, we like to think, in that the artist at his best can render the world particular and new again, for us to look and visit the perspectives of other eyes than our own, and not allow our emotions to stagnate and grow cold.


S.J. Anderson lives in Austin, Texas. A photographer and writer, he made a cameo appearance in the 2009 film Beeswax. In this age of delusion en masse, S.J. embraces the creative act as one of the few remaining fleurettes of meaningful transcendence. Contact him at or

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