Aug 16, 2011

other-kitchenly news

Before we resume our regularly scheduled activity, a couple of other-kitchenly notices.

Congratulations to Ailbhe Darcy for her new poetry collection, "Imaginary Menagerie", published by BloodAxe Books. From what we've read and heard, this should be a most vibrant collection. What the Scottish Poetry Review calls "a new horizon for British poetry." So go ahead and support that. See information on how at BloodAxe Books.

Also if you're writer of meager fictions, start scribbling away on an entry for the seventh annual Willesden Herald Short Story Competition which opens it's virtual doors on September 1. The contest is open to all, as long as one of your languages is English. Following in a distinguished line of judges, this year's contest will be adjudicated by none other than the veritable bad-boy of yarn himself, Mr. Roddy Doyle. Visit The Willesden Herald for more information.

Who is Sean Brijbasi? The American virtuoso escape-artist of the short form who already has three tidy collections under his belt ("one note symphonies", "still life in motion" and "the unknowed things") returns with a free-for-all labyrinthine of textures and smells that is not a book with pages in the traditional sense but rather a slowly expanding universe. The maze begins at any moment everywhere and nowhere, for those who are human, at

Support the arts, what makes people human.


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