Oct 27, 2011

8.1. Rachel Marsom-Richmond: 2 poems

Ring Around Her Neck

She’s taller than you think,

and sun shines off her cinnamon skin.

Her face is small, cheekbones carved

into her face. Shells, blue as a dragonfly,

dangle from her nose. Rings stack

their way up her slender neck, gently

pushing her collarbone downwards,

stretching the muscles. She wears

the rings that tell her wealth, wanting

to show suitors her farmland, fertile

and green. She brushes a bead of sweat

off her forehead, desires a dark-skinned man

who sees past the shimmer of yellow.

Photography by Eleanor Leonne Bennett

Pull Out the Dental Records, Sarge

The car exploded after,

no ID on the body. She,

black and charred, still sat

behind the wheel. She looked

like a statue made of ash;

if touched, she’d crumble.

The coroner noticed a hint of color

on the back of her hand. Faint

outline of a circle, a lady-bug maybe--

pigment, deep within her.

About Rachel Marsom-Richmond:

I graduated with my M.A. from Northern Arizona University in May of 2009, and I graduated with my M.F.A. from Georgia College & State University this May. My poems have appeared in Three Line Poetry, The Bijou Poetry Review, and The Camel Saloon.

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  1. Pull Out the Dental Records, Sarge is an excellent poem.