Dec 12, 2011

Day Trip

By Fiona Sinclair


On the road, uncle’s sat nav commentary directs

us back to his salesman days,

I’ve stayed there often

They always bought tea towels.

At Chichester Cathedral I insist on photographs of aunt and myself ;

because discounting chavs , petty criminals,

and those who keep us at Christmas card distance,

she is my only relative,

and time like a bowling ball is scattering her 70s .

After lunch at Bosham Quay,

an hour lost in a bijou boutique

as we ransack clothes rails

daring each other to buy.

Outside, uncle has the engine running,

he points the car homeward

Quick route or pretty?

I try to squeeze the last dregs out of the trip

suggesting tea and a look round Lewes.

But we shuffle out of the café

relieved to find that the day has already been snuffed out.

Blackpool by Night | Baby Birds

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