Oct 17, 2011

7.8. Anonymous 8

excerpt from “hurdle bardface”

rio carnegie / carney

shot up into the woods replacing rio in the hat-standing department

i shor i never bladder

rum bubble

locarno no sign of urgency at all

those matticles ladykillers hornswaggleboondoggle arthur st nasher papatacuch uk at gerry odoms don were born disserted

magherafelt, eu noblerets a good plays.

hedwig golding munny maw mouths ons dup laburundun whiskers

lentil i oppose

my commander janes lawrunce (nose of the sheikh)

white back of hand (igh) s

cat face eyes. green?

soreness heart, tit? bung a way to tip. eric bugggles am mistress nurse’s apron maddy prior. bu we hv a meetng hands on hips.

that my warmth day.

can we really (th’s) oh i like a lifeline torycucles twist. stairs, oron type here/there

hello! (man) chitle loaf at my stats. there, that’s (eye white rolling)

lower teeth mandible

skull move lays in alien smirk melincholy o please whoever wins go awhs

crak your teeth. neat inages

what the birds are saying (near dusk)

i've got an earring

you're going to a shoe shuffle swing

you're going to leave here

you're going to leave here

i seen you, you're in the fingal

what do we do? deep sleep.

what if you get in a hurry

do it, do it.


we're going away now.

(dusk. wait)

see you, see you


wait wait wait wait wait wait

sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep


Anonymous suffers from, among other things, the inescapable insomnia that we call life.

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