Sep 26, 2011

7.1. anonymous 1

There You Are

black eyed and whisky breathed
pissing all over 50 years
like it was some cracked ceramic
hole in the wall
in some dive
down town.

there you are

pissing on her couch
telling her to leave
full of paranoid fucked up spirits
like she was some whore
you met in a bottle
at the back of
Alberts bar.

there you are

the man we love
filled with bitter angry bile
telling her to leave
telling her you're better alone
all those years my hero.

there you are

a zero.

There You Are 2

black eyed and broken
frail and helpless as a baby sparrow
fallen from the nest

there you are

bruised and broken
yellow eyed and ghostly pale sweating
pulling at my childheart

there you are

reminding me i loved you
love you

there you are

The Bar is Closed

open the bar
i want to drink to
a drunk
who used to be my dad

i want to toast his health
admire the golden
feel the heat
slide down deep
fire in this belly

open the bar
i want to try and understand
pour me some bitter
pass me some paranoid

who gets to decide

who gets to choose

where is the man
who raised the girl
who became the woman

who wishes him dead.

Anonymous lives here-and-there (and nowhere) and have been published (or not) by so-and-so but mostly hangs out at (omitted), drinking, blowing smoke out (omitted) ass/arse.

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